Mushy character throwing steam cloud on plant
  • Town
  • Forest
  • Swamp
  • Cave
  • Slime
  • Large Slime
  • Slughound
  • Plagrin
  • Demon Slime
  • Line Flying Enemy
  • Flying Enemy
  • Hard Flying Enemy
  • Zombie Mushy
  • Heal Plant Enemy
  • Slugrin
  • Long Ranged Plant
  • Slugfrog
  • Summoner Plant
  • Ice power
    • Ice Shield
    • Ice Shield for Plants
    • Ice Flower Power
    • Ice Wind
    • Ice Patch
    • Ice Strong Attack
    • Ice Basic Attack
  • Fire power
    • Fire Shield
    • Fire Shield for Plants
    • Fire Flower Power
    • Fire Patch
    • Fire Strong Attack
    • Fire Basic Attack
  • Rock power
    • Rock Shield
    • Rock Shield for Plants
    • Falling Rocks
    • Rock Shield Explosion
    • Rock Strong Attack
    • Rock Basic Attack
  • Steam power
    • Steam Shield
    • Steam Shield for Plants
    • Steam Strong Attack
    • Steam Basic Projectile
  • Lava power
    • Lava Basic Attack
    • Lava Strong Attack
  • Crystal power
    • Crystal Wall
    • Crystal Wall from Strong Attack
    • Crystal Strong Attack
    • Crystal Basic Attack
  • Minor upgrades
    • Strong Attack Range Increase
    • Basic Attack Range Increase
    • Increase Player Max Health
    • Movement Speed Increase
    • Plant Health Increase
    • Player Restore Health
    • Altar Restore Health


Mushy character waving in forest next to Mushy Score -logo



Title: Mushy Score
Release date: 7 Mar, 2024
Genre: Adventure, Action, Indie
Developer: Paahtimo Games
Publisher: Paahtimo Games

Ice moving on top of plant
About the game:

In this platforming survival arena you collect points and survive long as you can.
Play as a cute Mushy who adventures nearby forest and fights for their life.
Fast-paced gameplay with different types of enemies.
Cute and colourful pixel art game with beautiful backgrounds.
Use elemental powers to improve your character.
Easy to start but the challenge ramps up quickly.

Fire burning a plant

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