Mushy score heading
  • Town
  • Forest
  • Swamp
  • Cave
  • Slime
  • Large Slime
  • Slughound
  • Plagrin
  • Demon Slime
  • Line Flying Enemy
  • Flying Enemy
  • Hard Flying Enemy
  • Zombie Mushy
  • Heal Plant Enemy
  • Slugrin
  • Long Ranged Plant
  • Slugfrog
  • Summoner Plant
  • Ice power
    • Ice Shield
    • Ice Shield for Plants
    • Ice Flower Power
    • Ice Wind
    • Ice Patch
    • Ice Basic Attack
    • Ice Strong Attack
  • Fire power
    • Fire Shield
    • Fire Shield for Plants
    • Fire Flower Power
    • Fire Patch
    • Fire Basic Attack
    • Fire Strong Attack
  • Rock power
    • Rock Shield
    • Rock Shield for Plants
    • Falling Rocks
    • Rock Shield Explosion
    • Rock Basic Attack
    • Rock Strong Attack
  • Steam power
    • Steam Shield
    • Steam Shield for Plants
    • Steam Strong Attack
    • Steam Basic Projectile
  • Lava power
    • Lava Basic Attack
    • Lava Strong Attack
  • Crystal power
    • Crystal Wall
    • Crystal Wall from Strong Attack
    • Crystal Basic Attack
    • Crystal Strong Attack
  • Minor upgrades
    • Basic Attack Range Increase
    • Strong Attack Range Increase
    • Increase Player Max Health
    • Movement Speed Increase
    • Plant Health Increase
    • Player Restore Health
    • Altar Restore Health



Use fire powers to burn and damage enemies


Fire Shield
  • Rotating fire shield for player that damages enemies
Fire arc
Fire flares in the air
Fire Shield for Plants
  • Rotating fire shield for flowers that damages enemies
Fire flares around plants
Fire flares around plants
Fire Flower Power
  • Flowers shoot fire projectiles that burn enemies
Flower Fire Power
Fire burning a plant
Fire Patch
  • Killed enemies drop fire patches that damage enemies
Elements on fire
Fire Basic Attack
  • Replace basic attack with fire projectile that burns enemies
Fire Strong Attack
  • Holding attack launches projectile that hits multiple enemies and burns them

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