Mushy Score

Game Name: Mushy Score
Developer: Paahtimo Games
Steam page:
Release Date: March 7, 2024
Price: $2.99


Outmaneuver endless waves of enemies for high score!

In this platforming survival arena you collect points and survive long as you can. Play as a cute Mushy who adventures nearby forest and fights for their life.

  • Fast-paced gameplay with different types of enemies.
  • Cute and colorful pixel art game with beautiful backgrounds.
  • Plant flowers to help you in combat.
  • Upgrade character with elemental powers
  • Easy to start but the challenge ramps up quickly



Mushy score heading
Mushy character waving in forest next to Mushy Score -logo


Level Town

Tip: If you want to access all the sprites they are in the Assets folder of the game file.

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